Mohnish Pabrai

portfolio manager
Mohnish is the Portfolio Manager of the Pabrai Wagons Fund. He is the Managing Partner of Pabrai Investment Funds, and the CEO of Dhandho Funds and its parent, Dhandho Holdings. As of April 30, 2024, Mohnish manages over $900 million in private partnership and mutual fund (the Pabrai Wagons Fund) assets through Dhandho Funds and its affiliated advisor, Dalal Street LLC. Mohnish is an ardent disciple of Warren Buffett, and closely follows his principles of value investing and capital allocation. Mohnish was the Founder/CEO of TransTech, Inc., an IT Consulting and Systems Integration company. Founded in his home in 1990, Pabrai bootstrapped the company to over $20 million in revenue when it was sold in 2000. He is the author of two books on value investing, The Dhandho Investor and Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing. The Dhandho Investor has been translated into multiple languages, including German, Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish. Mohnish is also the Founder and Chairman of The Dakshana Foundation (, a 501(c)(3) US public charity. Dakshana focuses on poverty alleviation in India by identifying brilliant but impoverished teenagers and providing them with intensive coaching to pass the entrance exams to engineering and medical universities.
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Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. The Fund is non-diversified, meaning it may focus its assets in fewer individual holdings than a diversified fund. Therefore, the Fund is more exposed to individual stock volatility than a diversified fund. The Fund invests in small- and medium-capitalization companies, which involve additional risks such as limited liquidity and greater volatility than larger capitalization companies. Download the prospectus.
The Pabrai Wagons Fund is distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC. Dhandho Funds is the Advisor to the Pabrai Wagons Fund.